There have been many famous (and some infamous) personalities who have paid the club a visit over the decades.  There are many tales of these, although sadly, very little photographic evidence.  As far back as the early Vietnam war days, many singers and movie stars visited the club when it was the club house for the hospital (previously located where the condo now stands on the opposite side of the creek). We know John Wayne was here, as was Bob Hope, as part of their tours to boost the moral of US servicemen.

More recent stars may wish to remain anonymous and we will always respect the privacy of our guests!

We do have some pictures from when the building was a fishing club and some of these these are hung on the walls downstairs.  It would be great to hear from anyone who has other pictures from the club’s past, who might allow us to copy them.

The club was formerly a member of the International Game Fishing Association.  We would love to re-activate this link, possibly with the help of any willing volunteers?

Finally, it is rumoured that the club has at least one resident ghost, haunting the upper floors.  It cannot be proven either way, but we have had our share of occurrences that are hard to explain by conventional means!